Anton October2016-11-30 09:59:33
Anton October, 2016-11-30 09:59:33

1C, how to change the value of the "Supplier" column in the "Goods receipts" table to one value previously created?

In the "Receipt of goods" table, you need to change the value of the "Supplier" column to "Centertorg", this is a pre-created supplier, you can select it from the Counterparties form.
I understand the essence, we need a request and put the result of the request line by line through a cycle with a change. But how to put a query on exactly the right table, and how to implement the loop body is not entirely clear.
Here are some screenshots for clarity:
I really hope to find help here

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benzol, 2016-11-30

In principle, "Administration-Support and maintenance-Group change of details" will help you. The only problem is that changing the counterparty in entails an automatic change in a number of related details.

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