Biigeldy Aisabaev2022-01-23 16:14:19
Biigeldy Aisabaev, 2022-01-23 16:14:19

1c for dummies where to start?

Good day!
The essence of the question is where to start learning 1c, Bitrix,

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Konstantin, 2022-01-23

for dummies where to start?

To begin to find a teapot)
ps: and so use the search, whoever wants to learn something should be an inquisitive mind, perseverance, persevere.
Trite on this site there are a dozen topics on this topic, very informative

Sgr_A, 2022-01-24

Don't start. Go to other languages.

Alexander Prokhorovich, 2022-01-23

Do you need 1C or Bitrix?)
These are very different things...
The simplest and most reliable are the official courses
You probably need Programming - For beginners.
And about Bitrix - this is a third-party product, actually with 1C, which has in common only the name and pre-prepared exchange mechanisms.
They will also help in further work and in finding solutions to problems:

Dmitry Kinash, 2022-01-27

1C is a common name for accounting systems. Bitrix is ​​a web development platform. IIKO - system for restaurants. There are too many different products in one phrase.
Do you want to learn how to use them in your work or become a developer of their functionality?
1) To begin with, do not spray in all directions! Choose the most profitable niche for your region or region where you can move (or possibly work remotely).
2) Use the search engines and read all the reviews on the topic you want to reach.
3) Find a company in your area that specializes in the selected software, and who need apprentices / trainees - get training from them.

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