Ziptar2015-10-12 08:17:13
System administration
Ziptar, 2015-10-12 08:17:13

1C:Enterprise, how to install the platform completely on a non-system disk?

If you just specify the path in the installer, it still sets its main component by default, which I do not need; How can I completely install one-esque on the path I need?
UPD: platform 8.2

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Artem @Jump, 2015-10-12

What do you want to get as a result? What is it for you?
You can simply change the system paths.
Can be removed with symbolic links.
You can forcefully transfer and correct entries in the registry.
That is, there are many possibilities - which one to choose depends on the goals.

Ziptar, 2015-10-12

in particular, I wonder where 1c stores data on soft licenses ...

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