sendr2020-09-29 17:12:32
sendr, 2020-09-29 17:12:32

1c-bitrix. Why is the smart filter component generating the wrong url?

When using the bitrix:catalog.filter built-in filter component in the bitrix:news complex component , the correct url is formed (where the filtered parameters are listed).

As soon as we change bitrix:catalog.filter to bitrix:catalog.smart.filter , constructions like this appear in the url:

?%0D%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09arrFilter_50_1327107150= &set_filter=Show
http://.../filter/clear/apply/ ( - when using CNC)

How to make the url that returns the Smart Filter work?

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sendr, 2020-10-30

Maybe it will help someone
The solution is not to say what is found
More than once there have been difficulties using a complex component (and not only, by the way) and a smart filter
It would seem that everything is done:
1) "USE_FILTER" => "Y"
2 ) "FILTER_NAME" => "arrFilter" - for both catalog.smart.filter and catalog/news (and in child components of the complex component too)
3) and the secret property "SHOW_ALL_WO_SECTION" => "Y"
4) on/ off CNC tried
Still nothing works
And then just change the template (either the filter, or the complex component, or both) ".default"etc. and everything works great

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