alexander_chn2017-04-25 23:58:39
alexander_chn, 2017-04-25 23:58:39

1C-Bitrix - why is the news output page not working?

Hello everybody! This very news output page does not work, the situation is as follows:
I create a new infoblock: prntscr.com/f0slna
In the access tab for all users, I set Reading.
I fill in the content with a couple of news.
Then I create a new section in the root of the site, I call it News, a folder is created in the root - news. I add to this page a component that is located: Content-Articles and news-News, I configure it accordingly prntscr.com/f0sn3k
But nothing is displayed on the news page. What's the catch?

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Andrey, 2017-04-26

adjust it accordingly prntscr.com/f0sn3k

The right side is cropped in the screenshot. What is the field under the IB "News" group?

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