wagwan2016-04-01 11:27:14
wagwan, 2016-04-01 11:27:14

1C-Bitrix. Through what to implement?

Hello. I just started to work closely with 1C-Bitrix, before that, the layout on this platform was carried out by a familiar programmer. Can you please tell me how to implement the following sections of the site in the standard assembly of 1C-Bitrix:
1. You need to make a section with files, which in turn is divided into two categories "Reports" and "Information".
When you enter this section, the first category opens by default and contains files for download.
The customer wants these files to be uploaded through the admin panel.
2. Next, you need a section similar to the "News" section, but which should be called differently and have its own two categories, and by default, still entering this section, the first category of articles opens.
3. And the last. Implement in the "Feedback" section - two forms, in one personal consultation, in the other - the opportunity to ask a question.
I will be very grateful! Now I am completing the remaining pages and I plan to install it on 1C-Bitrix by the evening, but I need to know exactly what to implement these sections through.
With Uv.

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Sergey, 2016-04-01

1 and 2 recommend the complex component Catalog.
3 if the editors allow, use Web forms, if not, there are many third-party web forms on the marketplace.

Denis, 2016-04-01

1 and 2 - the bitrix:news component and infoblocks
3 - also infoblocks and, for example, the bitrix:iblock.element.add.form component or their Bitrix
web form solution is really terrible

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