Evgeny Samsonov2015-04-05 17:45:37
Evgeny Samsonov, 2015-04-05 17:45:37

What is the name of the USB device?

Please help the poor guy. I can't remember the name of the device. You can directly link to the online store. You need a device that you plug into USB on a laptop and connect all the peripherals, mouse, keyboard, speakers, ethernet, wi-fi whistle ... well, or at least some of the above. The task is to plug everything into 1 port and not think about anything.

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Evgeny Ivanov, 2018-03-09

The error was not in the php code. Problem with receiving data.

Dmitry Entelis, 2018-03-09

Because cryptocurrency_id_name is not equal to "btc" for example

Armenian Radio, 2015-04-05

USB hub (hub)

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