Yaroslav2019-10-03 12:49:21
Yaroslav, 2019-10-03 12:49:21

Where and how to find free labor for the for fun project and where to discuss ideas?

Probably, like every programmer, I have several ideas in the IT field. They are not so important-valuable as to drop their business and do it. And they are unlikely to bring any money, but they seem interesting to me. And it seems that for young programmers who need experience, my wise admonishing and guiding pendulums and a line in the resume with an interesting project can be interesting.
The question is where to find them and how? There is an idea that this would be very good for a course / graduation project. But how to propose this and to whom, how to coordinate it? Somewhere to catch students? Teachers? Will it be against the tide or do they want to?
The second question is in a slightly different area. Again, this is about such ideas that are sometimes born, and which I myself will hardly deal with, but maybe they will turn out to be valuable to someone, someone will light up with them. Is there any resource with a forum / community like "I give an idea", where you can describe the idea, discuss it, and even if one of those reading it picks it up and does it (and maybe even earns billions) - well, that's good. If not, where is it possible and more appropriate to create it? Habr, d3, facebook, reddit, livejournal, telegram, tam-tam :-) ?

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Andrey Nikolaev, 2018-06-14

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And who will close the bracket?

dollar, 2019-10-03

Ideas are worthless . This is the first thing to be understood and taken as an axiom. Young programmers also have a lot of ideas. And who will judge who has the best idea? Everyone will think to himself: "my idea is definitely better, because I cherished and cherished it."
Further, answering your question, I will say the main thing. You basically want to convince other "young programmers" to accept your ideas and join you. What will convince them? Money ! No, I'm not even talking about the salary of these followers of yours. Let them work on enthusiasm (at least not for long). But they, like you, must believe that the idea is worthwhile. And here money acts as a measure of success. If you can prove that the idea will bring money, well, or benefit people who are very close, then they will gladly follow you and help you.
And how to prove that the idea will bring money/benefit? More precisely, its implementation. It is necessary to calculate and measure how much the implementation will bring. Only this will allow you to compare it with other ideas and choose the best one. So if the idea is not profitable, then you still need to come up with metrics by which you will measure success.
And even if you are planning a venture project, success can be measured. It's done in small strokes, building a prototype out of shit and sticks and testing it. Perhaps already at this stage it will become clear that the idea sucks and should be abandoned.
Thus, you need to formulate a clear measurable goal, to reveal it in a digestible concept so that any person can read and become interested. Plus, add other documentation items, with which, by the way, work begins on the implementation of the idea. Then you can approach anyone and say: Hello, dude, listen, I have an idea, in short, look - and hold out a magical piece of paper for 2 minutes of reading. That's it, +1 person to the team. Slightly simplified, but that's how it works. If it is an investor, then with enthusiasm (on which you still won’t go far), you can immediately switch to normal relations.

Peter, 2019-10-03

"They're not important-valuable enough to drop what they're doing and do it."
But they are so important that you are willing to spend a lot of time teaching young programmers who will see no benefit from the project, except to improve their knowledge at your expense?

xDimus, 2019-10-03

Here a similar question was discussed and there are several links:
Where to look for adventurers?

Dimonchik, 2019-10-03

the slave market will do

Alexey Nikolaev, 2019-10-03

On freelance exchanges, of course. A crowd of Indians will immediately come running, ready to work for food or even for a portfolio project. But, of course, the quality will be appropriate - something will have to be sacrificed.

Kirill Gorelov, 2019-10-03

Then I'll leave it here. The Secret Ingredient of Paul Graham's
Secret Ingredient Startup

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