Dmitry Klimantovich2020-10-29 12:50:03
Dmitry Klimantovich, 2020-10-29 12:50:03

1C-Bitrix. The problem with the cumulative discount gives a discount to unregistered people too, why?

I turned off all discounts to make sure, and left only the cumulative one with the following settings:
and limited users:
But a 5% discount on a product is still valid for any user who has added any product to the cart, even if the amount is less than 1000 rubles.
Checked from the browser in incognito mode.
Where does this discount come from? Where to dig?

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Anton, 2020-10-30

You do not fully understand how the cumulative discount works.
I don’t understand it myself, but apparently:
1. Disable other rules for the test
2. Create regular discounts
3. Create cumulative discounts that should override the regular discount rules, use Priorities and Sorting. I could be wrong, but Cumulative Discounts are not a "standalone" rule. The cumulative rule should have a sort above the rest (the other 10 for example, and the cumulative 110).
If nothing worked out for you, then make cumulative discounts in the usual way through the rules of the basket.

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