TechNOIR2018-03-12 14:45:55
TechNOIR, 2018-03-12 14:45:55

1C-Bitrix. How to display the name of the warehouse in your personal account when ordering?

Good afternoon.
There are 3 warehouses.
We order a product, which is indicated for example:
Warehouse 1: 0 pieces
Warehouse 2: 10 pieces
Warehouse 3: 0 pieces
I order, an order appears in my account.
How would I display the name of the warehouse from which the goods were ordered in my personal account?
That is, he ordered from warehouse 2 and display his name in his personal account.
Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

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boris tyrepharm, 2018-03-13

Upload order # $orderId:
Get an array of shipments:
The next steps, I think, are obvious.

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