Maxim2019-05-29 15:43:54
Maxim, 2019-05-29 15:43:54

1C Bitrix How to display a list of sections with subsections?

There is an infoblock: What to buy?
It has sections: vegetables, fruits, groceries.
In vegetables, subsections: potatoes, carrots, beets.
In fruits: apple, orange, pear.
In groceries: pasta, stew, rice.
Each product has a detailed description at the end.
The question is how to organize the structure correctly?
It is necessary that there be: List of sections, click, go > list of subsections of this section, click, go > list of subsections of this subsection, click, go > detailed description.
I understand that you need to use the complex component News and catalog.section.list .
I’m just starting to deal with Bitrix, I can’t figure out how to connect them correctly.

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Alex-1917, 2019-05-29

Use catalog.section.list - it is for this purpose.
Then write down what didn't work.
This is not a learning portal, read the Rules again.
Now I have specially studied the Rules, there are NO words to chew there!

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