juffinhalli2013-12-10 09:09:02
juffinhalli, 2013-12-10 09:09:02

1C 8.2 boxed. USB HASP. License not found. How to solve the problem?

Good afternoon!
A W2008 file server in a XEN 6.2 virtual environment.
WinXP workstation with plugged in USB HASP key.
The second workstation on WinXP or Win7.
DB 1C files are located in a shared network resource on the server.
The HASP License Manager is installed on the server.
With the help of Fabulatech USB over Network HASP, the key is recognized on the server as a local one
. On workstations running WinXP, the 1C client starts successfully.
On one of the computers, we are carrying out a planned change from WinXP to Win7 . Installed the
client from the native disk, setting the paths to the database is similar to the one in WinXP
I get a license search error, although yesterday when the 1C client on Win7 was the only one running on the network, it worked fine. A similar problem with single-user 1C Frames on the same computer.
Installed on Win7 HASP monitor - it works successfully, the key is visible on the network.
Where to dig? Is there a technical manual for the operation of hardware keys?
Thanks in advance.

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sharpshooter, 2013-12-10

In the list of info. bases, click settings, at the bottom of the item use hardware protection (check if it's worth a daw). configure the nethasp.ini file put all clients in the ..\1cv82\conf\ folder
on the server where the key configure nhsrv.ini, put in windows/system32/ if Windows is 64-bit, then in windows/syswow64/ restart hasplm

sharpshooter, 2013-12-10

if 1c is installed for each client, then nethasp.ini must also be thrown into c:\Program Files\1cv82\\bin\conf\, the numbers are the folder with your platform version. You write that you have a box, look at the administration book in it. And it is better to install the client not from the disk, there is probably already an old version of the platform.

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