SkyHunter2011-05-16 20:38:24
Data synchronization
SkyHunter, 2011-05-16 20:38:24

1C 8.1 error while uploading exchange file "Wrong message format"?

Exchange from UT 10.3 to BP 2.0 (8.1), manual. When you click on the "Perform download" button, an error occurs with the message:
"Error when calling the context method (StartReading): Wrong message format"
What is it? Where to dig? Google and Mista did not give a clear answer to the question. Node numbering is ok.

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OldFornit, 2011-05-17

1. The BP of the enterprise cannot read the exchange file of the UT version that you have. Read about the compatibility of versions UT<->BP.
2. One of the configurations is not typical and there is an attempt to read/write the attribute, the description of which is not in the exchange template.
3. Absurd - wrong path to the exchange file. Try to connect via COM.
Well, in general, I would like much more details, and not a stream of consciousness.

makkl, 2011-05-17

Is this the first exchange? Or the error occurred already in the process of work?

Zeldan, 2011-05-16

1. Unloading from the wrong image.
2. The upload was in error, but you were not told about it.
StartReading is a function that parses the xml upload file, usually the first thing it checks is the node.
Better of course to look at the debugger.

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