Sergey782013-05-30 14:12:40
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Sergey78, 2013-05-30 14:12:40

1C 7.7 and brakes over the network

Small office, 3 users with win7 and win8 in the workgroup + "server" on debian with a samba ball with shared documents.
1C 7.7, Simplified configuration (as I understand it, this is a typical Accounting Department, which names folders with .sst at the end). Platform release .27, configuration release I don't know, but not ancient.
The size of the database is not large, about 600mb.
The database in .dbf lies with one of the users locally (W7), the rest are connected to it over the network (the folder is shared). The local user is always fine, nothing slows down.
The one who connects over the network, if he is alone, everything works well. It is connected not exclusively.
If the configuration is open for the local user, then the network begins to brake.

Brakes are a relative concept, so I conducted a small experiment:
- Transferred the database to a samba-ball.
- 1C is closed. When copying a folder with a database over the network, the speed is about 5-7 Mb / s. Given that there are a lot of small files, it's normal.
- Configuration in 1C is running (network user). Just open, no work going on. Copying the same folder over the network goes at a speed of 20 KB / sec.
- I close 1C - the copy speed is normal again.

When the database lies on W7 and is open locally, the speed of copying the folder with the database over the network also sags, but not so much, somewhere up to 1 Mb / s.

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kolegich, 2013-05-30

Observed the same effect. Transactions over the network are slower, as a result, users begin to interfere with each other, but this is less noticeable on the local machine.
5-7 megabytes / sec is not enough, you need to see who can't handle the screw / processor / network equipment.
At one time, this problem was solved with the help of a server terminal, 20 people worked without problems, and 5 people “jumped” on samba.

pofig2217, 2013-11-10

5-7 Mb/s is really low for a 600Mb base, because of waiting for file locks, there can be serious brakes. if the problem is in the grid - change the switch / raise it to gigabit at least on the server, according to internal sensations for 5-6 users, the read / write access speed over the network should be at least ~ 30Mb / s, and from several computers at the same time.
When we came across similar brakes with samba, moving the balls to win7 helped

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