Sergey750il2021-01-07 00:16:30
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Sergey750il, 2021-01-07 00:16:30

1400 people for a Python developer job?

I read the only one out of 1400, or the coolest recruiting ... how a programmer was selected from 1400 people for a place. An HR friend told me that they receive 400 resumes for a vacancy, but here it’s generally 1400. Maybe it’s nonsense that there is such a shortage of programmers in IT? I do not believe that out of 1400 there will not be at least a hundred smart guys.

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Sergey Nizhny Novgorod, 2021-01-07

The article is really stupid.
You can arrange any test trials and so on, but here the question is the value of their vacancy. If it is a well-known company with interesting technology, good salaries and intriguing bonuses, then more or less adequate programmers will send applications there, among which you can choose guys.
And if these are horns and hooves with a poor offer and some kind of test circles of hell that an adequate person will send nah, then normal guys don’t go there, former taxi drivers go, who studied a couple of video courses in two weeks. Then at least 10,000 of them can be weeded out.

Developer, 2021-01-07

Well, you yourself think. The employers just tightened the screws.
You can twist it so that no one in a million passes, except for John Carmack, John Skeet or, for God's sake, Donald Knuth.
Maybe they're looking for another Torvalds. The flag is in their hands and dozens of years of time to search.
It also happens that the employer tightens the screws so that no one gets through. HR weeded out 1399 candidates and complains to management that the plan should be closed by the New Year. Then the nuts are loosened, the 1400th comes and they take the first jun.
And he joyfully goes to habr and writes that he is the chosen one. 1399 did not pass before him, but he, smart guy, passed.

Sergey Gornostaev, 2021-01-07

There are really very few real seniors, but there are many who consider themselves seniors. So there are really a lot of applicants to filter. But in the article at the link, garbage is still written, since an acute shortage of specialists leads to their exactingness and capriciousness. Sane employers cannot afford such a show off, specialists will simply go to competitors who have an easier hiring process.

Puma Thailand, 2021-01-07

One hundred sensible guys is every fourteenth, yes you are delusional, try to hang up a vacancy and have an interview yourself, out of a hundred 50 they will drop out at the resume level, for the remaining 50 you will have to spend at least a week on interviews and there will also not be a normal programmer.
From there such naivete that good programmers are a dime a dozen?

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