Denis2014-07-02 23:04:26
Denis, 2014-07-02 23:04:26

11.8/16.00 (74%)=Out of memory. Out of memory in Windows. Why?

There was such a question, I have an i5 3450 system, ram 16gb, ssd 60gb, Windows 8.1 pro Update 1 x64.
Recently installed additional RAM. was 8gb. became 16gb.
At 8gb I was sitting with the swap file enabled. but at 16gb, I turned off the swap file. when everything rests on 12gb judging by the task manager. and Windows suggests closing some applications to free up memory. like so:


I see committed: 15.9/16.0
But in memory: 11.8/16.00 (74%) Free: 26%
I don't understand why Windows doesn't have enough RAM?

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386DX, 2014-07-02

Put process hacker and see in detail where the memory flows.
The specific answer to the question is there is used memory, and there is reserved memory (working set or working environment). Reserved more than used, so programs reserve memory "in reserve".
You can read more here

larrabee, 2014-07-03

Did you turn off the paging file completely? If yes, then turn it back on and set the size for example 256-512 MB. It is needed for many official purposes.

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