homelessingomel2014-02-28 20:48:24
homelessingomel, 2014-02-28 20:48:24

10 SAS disks are swapped in RAID, how to fix?

We have a server with 10 SAS hards. Adaptect 3805 controller. Presumably there was 0 and 1 RAID, ie. RAID 10. Removed the screws from the server. Then they returned back, but in a chaotic sequence (out of place). I turn on the server, I see a splash screen, then a squeak and nothing happens. The server beeps with one long beep and nothing is loaded.
Having entered the controller configurator, he prompts us to make Accept or Reject.
The question is kind of tricky. What to press to return as it was Accept or Reject?

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Alexander Matkovsky, 2014-02-28

you can safely press Accept

Ivan Starkov, 2014-02-28

10 factorial permutations of hard drives, and on some of them you will not see this sign :-)

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