Alex M2016-10-08 16:18:02
Alex M, 2016-10-08 16:18:02

1 Uncaught TypeError: this.on is not a function wordpress - what and how to fix?

Good day everyone.
Today I started translating a WordPress site from http to https, all sorts of bugs got in. Most in the form of third-party modules that "broke" https to http, fixed. Only this bug remains 1
Uncaught TypeError: this.on is not a function
The problem is that I'm NOT a programmer at all, my knowledge is entirely limited to HTML and CSS. I picked all sorts of similar is not a function both here and on the Internet in general, but there are not enough brains. Can someone tell me where to poke and what to do? ((((If you need to send some piece of code from somewhere, I will send it.

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