Michael R.2015-01-18 17:32:55
System administration
Michael R., 2015-01-18 17:32:55

1 sistemnik > several jobs, how realistic is it now?

Good day! So, not so long ago I heard that somehow from 1 system unit you can make up to 10 jobs, i.e. 1 system unit > 10 monitors / 10 mouse-keyboards / 10 usd outputs.
The main question is "is it worth it"?
My arguments.
1. One system unit is many times less: it takes up space / makes noise / eats energy.
2. One system unit can be assembled very powerful, so that everyone has enough resources. When someone is not using a graphics card, there is a 50% chance that another will. Those. iron will not stand idle...
Jobs are created mainly in the office, where employees work on layout, superficial programming / design. Most need a monitor from 19 inches, at least 3-4GB of RAM / 512MB of video. Designers need from 1GB of video.
If you calculate, then it will probably be cheaper to assemble a powerful 1 computer than to assemble 10 easier ...?

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WArYagTwar, 2015-01-21

not an option, tried it. an ordinary office worker sits on the terminal without any problems at all. but if you need large monitors, normal vidyaha - just nafig.
not a single percentage of a more or less budget segment will be able to process work with graphics and design on several virtual machines without brakes. even a coder with small requests will go nuts when it takes 0.5-15 seconds to shift each line. but it will be, otherwise you will run into so many servers that you will spit on this idea and put everyone in separate computers.

index0h, 2015-01-18

Designer - a separate computer, iron.
At the expense of the rest - a terminal server + thin clients. But a lot depends on the software used, for example PHPStorm if everyone has it - the RAM will be consumed at the speed of sound.
If I were you, I would look towards nettops.

Armenian Radio, 2015-01-18

Given the task (verst / design), even thin clients will not work for you. So everyone will have to fork out for full system units.
Now, if it were an ordinary office routine, thin clients and a cluster of a pair (working / backup) of terminal servers would come up.

Spetros, 2015-01-18

There are similar solutions thinsoftinc.com/index.aspx
But it's better to use a terminal server plus thin clients.

EndUser, 2015-01-19


Valentine, 2015-01-21

If you need video cards, then one fig or stuff 1 system unit with 3-4 video cards (you usually won’t put more) and, accordingly, 3-4 employees will work there, or it’s very expensive (special video cards for virtualization a la Nvidia GRID are clearly not yours budget). Those. I, without taking into account the budget, but because "I'm interested" would try to charge 4 video cards in 1 system unit, and each user has a virtual machine into which a personal video card is forwarded. Well, plus, under the periphery, each has a USB hub on the table and throw it into the virtual machine. And to put 4 people around 1 system unit is not a problem - 2 + 2 face to face and the system unit in the center of the tables, and divide them with partitions if they interfere with each other.

huziahmetov, 2015-01-24

in today's realities, both graphic stations for each employee and thin clients with one or more servers may suit you.
Vmware has solutions that allow you to share video cards installed in servers, while everything is scalable, there are also solutions for organizing remote work (yes, I mean designers with their heavy and resource-intensive applications)
It all depends on budgets and needs

Denis Ineshin, 2015-08-03

As an option.
Today, monoblocks and mini computers are quite widely represented on the market. For example, Apple has iMac and Mac Mini, which, in addition to being compact, also have low power consumption. Other companies also have solutions in the form of monoblocks, or very compact system units. Of course, in this option it will not be possible to save on the cost of iron, but on the other hand, workplaces will become much more ergonomic and energy consumption will decrease.

argumentum, 2015-09-28

At one of the previous jobs, thin clients were made for office workers (accountants, financiers). Admins began to take noticeably less working time to service these thin clients than to full-fledged computers. But, of course, you can't jail designers for thin clients.

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