bigtortik2015-09-04 02:26:42
bigtortik, 2015-09-04 02:26:42

0 page WordPress site how to do?

The bottom line is that there is a site on wp, I would like to make a page so that when you enter the domain.ltd site, this page would appear, where there will be some text and 2 buttons: Go to the site and Cancel (let's say so). Clicking on Go to website would redirect to domain.ltd/index.php while Cancel would redirect to domain.ltd/error.php.
Is there a wp plugin for this? And what is the name of what I described?

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lynnikvadim, 2015-09-04

Each server, by default, loads the html file first. (everything of course depends on how the server is configured)
Make up the page and save index.html (on this page, make links to those pages that you need)

Andrey Khokhlov, 2015-09-04

Make a static homepage with an appropriate template

Mikhail Osher, 2015-09-04


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