rexwone2022-03-15 10:39:48
rexwone, 2022-03-15 10:39:48

[windows] universal bootloader? custom image?

I am currently working on a macbook.
There is a certain amount of irreplaceable only-win software in the activity, why it seems that it became necessary to assemble your iso with preinstalled programs.

So far, the task is not burning, for now I would just like to have an SSD with a bootcamp-launched Windows, but what is the essence of it - can I then somehow backup it to iso? or is it better to get confused right away and assemble the isoshnik normally according to the manuals, and now bootcamp it on an external ssd?

I would also like to run the ssdshnik not only from under intel poppies, but also from a regular pc. is this feasible? Let's say two partitions - one with a Windows default bootloader and the second bootcamp, and would the computer itself determine from which one to offer to load the third partition with Windows itself?

Additionally, a question with an asterisk - I have a ssdshnik samsung t7 TOUCH, where TOUCH is hardware fingerprint authentication, can such a disk be bootable if the authentication itself, according to my assumptions, is called programmatically using the Samsung program? I myself understand the debility of the question, but googling seems to lead to the opposite answer - maybe I don’t understand something

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Anton Antonov, 2022-04-18

What you described with Windows is very problematic in execution.
I had a similar case, I solved it by installing Parallels Desktop and saving the virtual machine image. For 5 years now I have been dragging my customized Windows across all versions of parallels / macos - there were no problems.
With regards to the ssd drive - it will not work ...

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