esin2012-11-13 17:34:41
esin, 2012-11-13 17:34:41

Windows 8 for desktop - is it worth it?

Good day!
Recently I built myself a home desktop computer, mainly for playing games and watching movies. Installed Windows 7 for a 30 day free trial. Now the question arose of buying an OS, and vague doubts began to torment me.

On the one hand, for Win7 there are all the necessary programs, games, everything works very stably, I can't get enough of it. And the saying “the best is the enemy of the good” was not just invented.
On the other hand, Win8 is more modern (and I hope that means more thoughtful, convenient, etc.), and future versions of DirectX will only be supported by Win8, and 7ka will gradually die off.

In the Win8 reviews, which are full on the network, either tablets or laptops are used, I did not find a single one with a desktop.
Who has already worked on 8k, or read a review about it on the desktop, tell me, is it worth buying it now? Or is it better to wait a while, buy 7ku, and then rely on a relatively inexpensive transition to 8ku? I will be glad for any information.
Thanks in advance!

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Nickel3000, 2012-11-13

I have Win8 still with Developer Preview installed. My opinion is definitely worth buying, but it’s better to try it first, and then decide.

xanep, 2012-11-13

Not worth it. I bought an 8-ku and regret it. It was not made for the desktop, but for the touch screen. Raw - quite often the bluescreen crashes. Some applications need to be reinstalled after an update. This is the option when it works (7) - do not touch it.

ilyuxa, 2012-11-13

Damn, missed the thread.
In general, try on the same vmware or virtualbox. I absolutely did not like the eight.

Dmitry Guketlev, 2012-11-13

Tried 8 on my laptop. Now I feel dislike when working with the seven. Figure eight is faster, prettier and more comfortable. When you have to use the old launch on the seven, tears of bitterness come out in your eyes. Eight is an extremely successful Windows.
The only drawback: if on the seven, the start menu gradually turned into a dump filled with incomprehensible applications and shortcuts, and everyone didn’t give a damn about it, then on the eight you have to attach / detach / rearrange shortcuts on the home screen. But on the other hand, it is much more convenient than the old launch.
Although the taste and color of course ...

ipswitch, 2012-11-13

Don't if you don't want Metro. Install Win8 and leave the classic view? Then it's better not to rush.
Not worth it unless you write programs for Win8.
It's not worth it if you are satisfied with the debugged Windows 7.

rgaliull, 2012-11-13

I work in Win8. No blue screens. All OK. very unusual subway menu. Installed Shell Classic. Now there is no particular difference with the seven.
I can say that there are hourly slowdowns for a couple of seconds, most likely some kind of defender is scanning - you need to figure it out.

qxfusion, 2012-11-13

Windows 8 is only good at cutting out the metro interface (yes, you can do that too). As a developer, I like the new kernel and SDK + seamless support for running .NET programs on Windows RT as a bonus - in this place Windows 8 rules. If you have a large wine park, then it is better to take 8k.

calg0n, 2012-11-13

If it was possible to cut out the Metro without hemorrhoids and crutches, then maybe it would be worth it. Well, do not fool your head, there is nothing new there. If you don't have a touch device, Win8 is useless.
Who would not say anything here and argue with foam at the mouth, and giant interfaces on the desktop are the nonsense of a madman. And for mixing interfaces - in general, you need to tear off your hands!

Maxim Shishkin, 2012-11-14

Going from 7 to 8 is like going from 2007 office to 2010. It seems to be both prettier and newer, but damn inconvenient and hard to get used to.
Every day I notice that the axis is loaded an order of magnitude faster than the seven, but the brain stubbornly insists that this is a wow effect and nothing more.

Alexander Batukhtin, 2012-11-13

Five kopecks (maybe I just have crooked hands and nothing to do with win8):
1) minecraft didn't work. As I understand it, due to the lack of support for opengl firewood under win8 (radeon HD4890, sort of).
2) It's not convenient for me that from a full-screen application I cannot see the taskbar by pressing win (metro-figure opens). It's a matter of habit, I guess.
3) Blizzard does not officially support it and at some point sc2 stopped running.

jan_zen, 2012-11-13

I tried 8-ku on a laptop one day. It breaks the pattern by the absence of the “start” button, at first it is not clear at all how to launch programs or turn off / restart the computer. I did not show a tutorial on new OS functions after installation (maybe it depends on the version, I have Pro). The completely different interfaces of Metro and the classic shell are confusing. I read on the net that laptops with 8 work longer, in my case (Lenovo X61) the battery life is exactly the same as on 7. But the computer boots really much faster.
I liked the new task manager and file copy dialog. I have not noticed more positive innovations yet (but I have only recently been using the new OS).
If we were talking about buying, I would most likely take the time-tested 7-ku. But like the previous commentators, I recommend trying it yourself, suddenly you like it.

XimikS, 2012-11-13

I'm sitting on the eight with the Consumer Preview. I did not observe critical bugs, there were problems with AMD driver support (which is not surprising), but everything was fixed by the release.
1) Fast system boot, especially if SSD.
2) Application store.
1) Some mixing of the tablet interface with the desktop one. Well, hot corners and launch.
Start, for some it can be a minus, but for someone a plus. For example, it’s convenient for me - I put tiles with mail / weather and use it.
Well, in general, It looks like the same seven, slightly finished (Ribbon in Explorer, for example ).
I wrote a short Consumer Preview review , some of the data is outdated, of course, but you can get the general impression.
Oh, and about the virtual machine: do not be lazy, install it as an additional axis; in a virtual machine, emnip, there are problems with active corners.

VSOP_juDGe, 2012-11-14

On the new hardware everything is fine, no bsods. One trouble - you have to print in a virtual machine, printer drivers from 7 are not suitable, but not yet for 8, they promise by the end of the year.

ShpuntiK, 2012-11-13

I put it on a netbook, while I installed the system and the program everything - I understood. which, after all, is more for Win8 prettiness, and Win7 for work.

D_bl_M, 2012-11-14

You will understand what you want when you try it yourself, advice only makes you doubt and mislead.
I’ve been using the 8th probably since mid-August, I didn’t see any bugs, I didn’t have bsods (this is individual), I like it, I’m for the modern, you can get used to everything and the sooner you get used to it the better, everything goes exactly to this.
I remember just as I tried linux, everything was also unusual, well, nothing, as it were, was used to it.
So put it on iron. Make a conclusion.

esin, 2012-11-13

Wow, so many answers came running while driving home. I did not even expect :)
Thank you all very much!
Still pleasantly surprised that there are still more positive reviews than negative ones, so I was even more strengthened in my decision to still drive it.
The metro interface still seems unusual to me, but in extreme cases, you can put an interface almost identical to the 7ki desktop there. I do not plan to install any specific programs and SDK on the computer, so I hope that there will be no problems with the performance of applications.

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