Gasoid2011-01-25 09:35:54
Gasoid, 2011-01-25 09:35:54

Windows 7 on a computer that is 4-5 years old

Who has experience installing win7 on a computer with the following components
: 1.6 GHz
memory: 1GB
video: 128mb

This computer is 4-5 years old,
will win7 work fine / is win xp faster?

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WildZero, 2011-01-25

From Microsoft.com:

Processor Required
1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory Required
1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
Hard disk
16 GB available disk space (32-bit) ) / 20 GB (64-bit)
Video card
DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or later driver

Those. In principle, it satisfies the minimum requirements, but is it worth it?

OmKol, 2011-01-25

On my laptop with Core Duo 1.6 GHz, RAM 1 GB, ATI Radeon 1600 video card, it worked quite tolerably.

Denis, 2011-01-25

The weakest hardware on which I managed to run the seven and work comfortably in it was:
AsRock P4i645G
P4 2.8GHz
512 Mb RAM
On this configuration, I noticed a real increase in speed compared to XP.
On weaker configurations, everything was dull.

igolovin, 2011-01-25

By the way, the Seven may simply not start. This was on the parents' computer. The computer is 4-5 years old. Moreover, the parameters of the computer were very good. Dual core AMD, 1GB RAM, 256 videos. Windows was installed, but after the final reboot it did not start. There was a black screen and the Windows logo.

homm, 2011-01-25

Looking for what purposes. Going online is enough.

@nnm, 2011-01-25

It works on my old laptop with Celeron M 1.6, 512 MB RAM and some kind of terrible built-in video card, you can even use the studio 2010 tolerably, or play the third civilization, for example. Only aero doesn't work. The only thing is that I don’t have enough memory, but a gigabyte should be enough.

Iskander Giniyatullin, 2011-01-25

My computer is about 9 years old, P4 2 GHz, 512 RAM, Nvidia FX5200 video card 128 MB, windows 7 started up and worked fine, even WoW could be played on it from under it :)

a3bundes, 2011-01-25

celeron 1700, on socket 478 with 512 RAM (I tried ... the year of buying a processor like 2002, video geforce 4 ti 64 meters (defined as a standard video adapter), 80 gig screw. Windows worked, the Internet too, video and COP were stupid because of video. At the same time, everything is fine on XP, so XP left the
stump 478th socket, 3GHz HT, 2 gig of memory, video ati 512mb 3650ddr3 agp - under 7 in GRID 10-20 fps, under HP 20-40 left xp, but Windows Internet and video work smart
In general, it works on a 5-year-old computer, but it works faster on HP

YaQ, 2011-01-25

It will work on such hardware, but it’s unlikely that it will be faster than Piggy, although if you turn off all sorts of Aero and other bells and whistles and set it up correctly, you can achieve acceptable results.
Try it and decide for yourself, it does not take much time to install and configure.

amc, 2011-01-25

Successfully worked under Vista on Athlon XP 1800MHz / 1Gb, and at one time, about a month, and generally on 512Mb. Nothing, quite tolerable.
Also in the office is Sempron 1800 (on socket 754) / 1Gb, it feels quite sane under Win7.
The main thing is that the hard drive is not brake, it is often the most brake in the old car and then the seams are complete.

andreycha, 2011-01-25

Athlone 1.8, 1 gig memory and 256 meters vidyuha - it costs Win7 Pro, there are no brakes at all. A small part of the visual effects are disabled.

burdakovd, 2011-01-25

Computer 4 years ago: ASUS X51R . Windows 7 is installed and working, there is enough power for vkontakte and Picasa.
Intel Celeron M 520 (1.6 GHz)
RAM 512 MB (replaced by 1 GB)
RAM type DDR2
Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 200M
Graphics adapter Chipset integrated Radeon X1100
HDD 80 GB (5400 rpm)
System score : 2.9 due to video adapter.
XP would most likely require less resources, but 2011 is in the yard =)
And of course you need to focus on how you are going to use this computer

DeFANCE, 2011-01-30

Started on a 6 year old car.
AMD 2500 2.2 GHz
GeForce 5200 128 Mb
512 Mb RAM
I won't say it was fast, but it worked. Internet and video is quite tolerable. Simple toys like Zuma also worked.

Vladimir Chernyshev, 2011-01-30

Win7 RC 32bit worked (Internet, netbeans+AMP, toys under directx9) for half a year on:
AMD Athlon64 3200+ (2 GHz)
1 Gb DDR2
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
I did not notice any significant increase or decrease in speed compared to XP (after turning it off indexing, etc.), the old hardware (the tuner in particular) kept worse, it was constantly necessary to increase privileges, although under XP it worked without problems under a simple user.
When RC ran out, I decided that the game was not worth the candle ($150+ for an axis, which is good if I run it once a week - too much IMHO), put XP back

Gero, 2011-02-08

It will work pretty well. Just make sure that there are drivers for your video (for example, there are only drivers for Radeons starting from 9550).

bestfriend, 2012-08-30

works fine on fujitsu amilo pro 3205 circa 2007-2008

@ngreduce, 2012-08-30

It worked perfectly on the following configuration (full package, aero and all things)
Celeron 360 3 Ghz,
1gb dual channel DDR400 (xs is the correct name, which was before DDR2)
Radeon x1300
256mb two cores should work well.

wultrex, 2013-12-09

Works without brakes on my laptop: Single-
core Intel Celeron M 1.4 GHz
Chipset Intel 855GM, video integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2.
RAM 512 MB

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