Brew2022-02-28 13:44:06
Brew, 2022-02-28 13:44:06

Will the USB ports on the monitor work if the monitor itself is connected via type-c to a MacBook Pro?

They gave me a MacBook, but I absolutely did not have time to deal with it. At home there is a monitor with the ability to connect via type-c, so I wanted to know if the usb ports from the monitor will work if it is connected to a macbook via type-c?

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Vasily Bannikov, 2022-02-28

They gave me a macbook

there is a monitor

Why haven't you plugged the wire in and checked it out yet?
If the monitor uses thunderbolt, then they will.

Oleg, 2022-02-28

Alik is littered with "hub 11 in 1" poppies through this can simultaneously show on the monitor, download over the network, and so on with ports. I don't know if your monitor will work. Try. Maybe you have ports on the monitor for power or for updating the firmware, or the built-in player works there. Not as a hub

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