Nicholas Hephaestus2022-04-08 04:30:59
Nicholas Hephaestus, 2022-04-08 04:30:59

Why won't my Wacom tablet connect sometimes?

Tell me how you can solve the periodic non-connection of the graph tablet Wacom Intuos Pro. No cable, no bluetooth.
The problem is that this happens irregularly, but about once every 3-4 days (5-10% of inclusions).
It helps to reboot the system or change the user and log in back under you.
The last method helps, but these are crutches.
Wacom support couldn't help..the latest drivers, tried to demolish them, roll back to earlier ones, etc.

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Anton Shamanov, 2022-04-08

obviously the piece of iron is broken - a defective chip that fails or something like that

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