AnnaUniq2017-06-23 14:11:59
AnnaUniq, 2017-06-23 14:11:59

Why doesn't the if else construct work?

Here is a link to an example dev.sholex.ru/acc.html
It is necessary that when clicking on the li element, the active class is assigned to it, but when clicking on another li, it is deleted
. In the example, there is an accordion, where the penultimate menu item (about the company) has a double nesting, so here's how to implement it so that when clicking on the Jobs menu item, its parent li (about the company) does not lose the active class, I
try with the if else construction to check the display block of the child ul element, but somehow it doesn’t work out

if ($('.sub-menu').css('display') !== 'block'){

maybe someone else can help,

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Eugene, 2018-11-23

No need to look for logic, where it is most likely not.
They declared it for sure so that the IDE does not swear at an undeclared variable, since it does not see it in the include

Andrew, 2017-06-23

I would suggest this option:
1. When clicking, remember the element that was clicked
2. Reset the `active` class for all menu items
3. Set the class `active` for the saved element
4. In the loop, set `active` for its parents, while do not go beyond the menu

Igor Peregudov, 2017-06-23

$('.sub-menu').css('display') - this is how css is set for the block "$('.sub-menu').css('display': 'block)
you make it easier,

$('li').on('click', function () {
    }else {

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