Sashko0982019-11-11 16:35:10
Sashko098, 2019-11-11 16:35:10

Why doesn't anything happen if you press the button quickly?

If I press the button quickly nothing will happen.
I click on a gaming mechanical dexp blazing pro rgb and if I press the button very quickly nothing happens. letter is not printed.
Same for hyperx core rgb.
Tried to stick in different usb ports everywhere the same thing.
It looks like it's worth a fixed refresh rate?

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Armenian Radio, 2019-11-11

Stop breaking expensive things!
Surely the mechanics just do not have time to work.

Alexey Kharchenko, 2019-11-11

Most likely, input filtering is enabled in the system. In this case, short presses are ignored. If memory serves, the settings can be called up by holding shift for more than 8 seconds, or in the control panel. The OS is not specified, I can not say more precisely.

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