Shurik2022-04-22 02:03:42
Shurik, 2022-04-22 02:03:42

Why does the Services block behave this way in Bitrix?

Hello. I have a site on Bitrix with strange behavior of the Service content. Please note right away that the site went after the grief of a specialist who abandoned the whole thing, so there is a possibility that he cheated something.
So, there is a site on Bitrix, the Aspro template. The content of the Service has three categories: Category1, Category2, Category3.
1. Category1 is duplicated, only in a different display (different grid), although the component settings have the same settings as in the duplicated component.
2. Being on the main page and clicking "Change page" in the editor is empty (although as far as I understand there should be components).
3. On the Aspro template settings page, there is a main settings section, on which, among others, there is a setting for displaying components on the main page (number of elements, display grid, etc.). So, I edited the display of one of the categories there, I either did not find the rest, or they do not respond to the settings. By the way, one of the questions is how these settings are associated with those components on the main one?

I ask at least to give a direction where to dig, both in the settings and programmatically. I looked around all the template files, I thought maybe there where something is screwed up, but I could not find anything. I will be grateful for any advice.

I apologize in advance for the possibly incorrect Bitrix terminology - alas, I am not strong in it! Tried to explain as clearly as possible.

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Olga, 2022-04-22

1. What does duplicated mean? where?
2. Most likely include areas/files in footer or header. Depending on the laziness and directness of the hands, it can be implemented in different ways. For example, it can simply be checked that the page is "main" and a file is inserted, the bitrix:main.include component can be used, then the code search depends on the "AREA_FILE_SHOW" (file, page, section) parameter. It is also worth checking the php files that are lying next to index.php, you may come across something interesting
3. Most likely, aspro components are used, and they know what settings are in the module. if there is no reaction, then the developer shoved the components himself or broke something.

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