Vadim Belkin2015-10-05 09:47:54
Vadim Belkin, 2015-10-05 09:47:54

Why does the PC not turn on by wake on lan a minute after shutdown?

Wake on lan is configured: port forwarding is done on the router, everything is done in the network settings. If you turn off the PC and within 30 seconds after turning it off try to turn it on via WOL, then it turns on. If you wait about 1 minute or more, it will not turn on. It also does not turn on if, after turning it off, unplug the PSU wire from the outlet and immediately insert it back. What could be the problem? Motherboard ASUS Z87-K, network (integrated) Realtek 8111GR

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Dmitry Makarov, 2015-10-05

I didn't set up WOL. But there is an idea for your question.
In order for the network to turn on the computer by a signal from the outside and this really benefits in the form of energy saving, some power profile on the motherboard must be enabled, which maintains power on the network and in those places that allow the computer to turn on via WOL.
If the motherboard is completely de-energized and the network one, respectively, then even if the network one is configured for WOL, it will not respond.
As far as I know, modern motherboards have several low power modes. And you need to configure it so that when you "shutdown" (poweroff or by button), the computer does not turn off at all, but goes into low power mode, in which WOL is available.
But in general, this is strange, if WOL is enabled in the BIOS, then, it seems to me, this means maintaining power to the network.

dolbylove, 2016-12-19

After 30 seconds, the router removes the ip of the PC from the list of connected clients. When a packet comes from outside, the router does not forward it, because does not see the specified ip in the list.
Problem solution: Binding arp + mac (at least it works on tp-link)
For it: Open the item "Binding IP and MAC addresses", "Binding options", add an entry with the mac and ip of your PC, select at the top "enable" and save.

Andrey Ermachenok, 2015-10-05

The network card should "remember" its address after the computer is turned off.
With pulling out of the socket it is clear - the computer was de-energized, the 5V standby mode was gone, the network card forgot everything.
And from 30 seconds - try another PSU, can it help?
Was wrong. white55.narod.ru/wol.html
With pulling out of the outlet - there are motherboards that, after such manipulation, do not turn on the network card.
And from 30 seconds - see if the lights on the network card are on after 30 seconds.

Curly Brace, 2015-10-05

30 seconds roughly resembles the discharge time of capacitors in a PSU. unplug the cord from the outlet and look at the LED on the motherboard. it doesn't fade right away. so IMHO the point is that the computer is de-energized completely.

aldanstar, 2021-12-22

Set "Erp Match" in APM, change state from Disabled to S4 or S5, and S4+S5

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