rinaz222022-04-04 20:26:41
rinaz22, 2022-04-04 20:26:41

Why do all processes remain when I turn off the PC through sleep mode?

Hello. In the settings there is an automatic shutdown if the laptop is in sleep mode for more than 1 hour.
When the laptop is turned off in this way, all programs that were open at the time of hibernation remain.

On the contrary, it is convenient for me that this happens, but I would like to know why this happens and whether such a process loads any elements?
This question may seem stupid, because. I did not particularly delve into the work of Windows.

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15432, 2022-04-04

this is hibernation. doesn't load anything. just saves RAM to disk and shuts down, and then restores back

Alexander, 2022-04-05

Shutdown and hibernation are two different things. Sleeping for that and sleeping, that it does not turn off, but falls asleep while saving all running processes. Shutdown is a complete blackout with the completion of all running processes.
There is also hibernation, this is a combination of these two modes, as written above, the contents of the RAM are dumped to disk and the power is turned off.

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