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svolosch, 2017-05-17 09:46:58

Which technology stack would you choose for this task?

Good afternoon.
In my spare time I study django. I read off-line documentation (maybe not everything, I missed something), tango with django. In parallel, the basics of layout (html, css, basics of javascript). This is where the knowledge of web technologies ends. On the one hand, it is enough to solve some tutorial problems, but I want something more. 1. Backend - python, django. 2. Access to base on ODBC. (Pervasive 12) 3. The application will work in the inner loop of the network, so security issues are not in the first place. Also only viewing, without writing to the database 4. The number of connections by the standards of the web is scanty, almost none, but if you tell me which technologies are better in terms of speed, then this will be a plus.
Therefore, I came up with a problem for myself, only due to ignorance of even the technologies themselves, I ask for advice, how would you make such a project, namely, what would you use?
Description. There is an ABS (automated banking system) that does not have an external api. And in general, it is a little outdated in terms of interface and some goodies. Therefore, the idea was born to fasten the web interface. And then there are already beautiful graphs, diagrams, and notifications and more. Some nuances / requirements.
5. Knowledge, in addition to those described above, I repeat, no. Actually, this project is not a task to do, but, so to speak, is aimed at studying new technologies, a vector of development / training.
I started thinking about how to do it. At first I thought it was normal. django + d3.js Then I saw, as it seems to me, another more beautiful solution - django rest framework + front on angular (this has not been studied by me, in fact for me these are just buzzwords). And then I thought to ask for advice, how would you implement it, from the height of your experience? Preferably with a justification why it was used in the backend, why it was in the front...
Thanks in advance.

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Artyom Innokentiev, 2017-05-17

The task is interesting to start, but it will be a little hard - get ready for it :)
You need to take the following steps: 1. Understand what kind of database you have on ABS (PostgreSQL, MySQL
, MSSQL, SQLite, etc.)
2. Understand whether Django selected database 3. Read an article about database legacy 4. Generate models based on ABS tables 5. Refactor the necessary models + test the ORM 6. Start developing a web interface I even had development experience with the usual jungian templates, not to mention the experience of designing a REST API and knowledge of JavaScript.
To start, try to implement a web interface on the usual dzhang templates + jQuery.
If you implement everything, there will be time for an upgrade - you will feel, understand in which direction to develop the project, and in general, whether it is worth developing it.

Alexander Trakhimenok, 2017-05-17

Django is fine. Angular (v4) is great. D3js is also a good choice.
It is still better to take care of security right away (https, authentication/authorization).
As for the server side, it's better to choose what you know - C #, python / Django, etc - it doesn't matter. If you want something new and performance, then you can look towards Go. The truth is I do not know about the drivers for your specific database.
I mainly work with c#, then about 5 years with Django on www.myclasses.ru, now Go + Angular on https://DebtsTracker.io - everything is about the same. Django is the easiest for beginners I think.

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