Lici2014-06-20 19:46:42
Lici, 2014-06-20 19:46:42

Which 3G Wi-Fi router to choose?

I would like to take PeopleNet 3G internet package to provide my laptop and teleon with constant 3G internet in the city. To do this, I need a pocket 3G Wi-Fi router (in which to insert a SIM card). And if I still chose a 3G operator, then in this variety of faceless and nameless routers unknown to anyone, I just get lost.
Advise a normal and inexpensive machine for Ukraine. Up to ~$50 would suit, maybe a little more, if there really is something for it.
Requirements: in order to simply use and not worry, the battery life is normal, the speed is from 3 megabits and stable reception.

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oia, 2014-06-20

You need to choose a router for the provider and modem, and stable reception depends on the coverage of the habitat and use by this provider

Ivan, 2014-06-20

The big three (in Russia) have a locked Huawei E5372 for sale, which costs just around $ 50, it's not a problem to unlock it. Do you have similar suggestions - I do not know.

Egor Gorbachev, 2014-06-20

buy an androyd phone the cheapest and distribute the Internet from it. the coolest option

Vader, 2014-06-21

1. I know only 2 routers with RUIM (this is what you call a SIM card) that can be bought in Ukraine:
- ZTE 890L
- Samsung LC11
The rest, which can be found on sale, are for firmware. RUIM - not needed.
2. The operating time for such devices is 3-5 hours
3. The speed of 3 megabits can only be obtained in Rev B devices. Therefore, PeopleNet is not suitable, from the available devices, it seems, HUAWEI EC5321. IMHO, Rev B. - not needed.
4. PeopleNet coverage and speed is much worse than Intertelecom. PeopleNet is not needed.
5. There is an operator in Ukraine that has 3G in GSM. It's called 3Mob. If you are not in the regional center, 3Mob is not needed, because the coverage is dark.

Kuptsov Robert, 2014-07-24

I have been using Huawei 53** series modems for over a year now. Recommend!

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