smartbe2020-10-01 21:04:46
smartbe, 2020-10-01 21:04:46

Use grids in 2020?

Hello! Now I will develop a project, a question. Can grids be used in 2020? It is clear that the audience can be diverse. I want to choose grids because it can be faster and clearer in some cases.

Are there any grid polyfills that will cover some of the unsupported browsers?

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Roman Mirilaczvili, 2015-12-27

Whether it is necessary to check locally DNS of the server responds.
Perhaps the reason is that Google dns is not responding to dns queries, what could be the problem?
If so, then it is better to switch to DNS from the provider, or from other services, such as OpenDNS.

trushka, 2015-12-28

Channel free in the sense of WiFi?
I noticed a few problems with myself: When the router was located at a distance of about half a meter from the wall, in a room with a router at a distance of up to 3 meters, the speed was very crappy, but in neighboring rooms it was quite. But when I hung the router on the wall - everything just started to fly! - probably due to interference with the reflected signal, there was interference. Then, I have some very old cheap D-Link, you can see the percentage there is weak, in general, in g / b / n mode it slows down a lot, even if all devices work in n mode - normally only in n only mode. Another encryption mode also greatly affects the speed - it is unrealistic to achieve normal speed with WEP.
Well, it would still be nice to screw the antenna back somehow .. for example, due to its absence, it can stupidly not catch a signal from devices, despite the fact that it itself emits with a more or less acceptable level

Sergey delphinpro, 2020-10-01

Grids, this is such an innovative thing, I’m not afraid of this word, that there can’t be any sane polyfills for it. I met different levels of craftsmanship. In my opinion, they are not suitable for sale. Only if for a pet project.
You can use progressive enhancement. But it all depends on the project and TK.

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