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sash4, 2022-04-07 15:52:43

Unable to run the application on your PC, what should I do?

Hello. Help with solving the problem plz.

Bottom line: many programs on the desktop stopped running: telegrams, aida, steam, nvidia driver, etc. I can't understand what is the reason. An inscription appears: The application cannot be started on your PC.

At first I thought that maybe the pirates didn’t launch, but no, the facial ones don’t launch either.

I decided that I needed to update Windows to a new version. I started the update, but they didn’t download until the end. The fact is that I have the Stopupdates program installed, which disables these updates. At first I wanted to disable it, but it also does not open.

And the installation of new programs also does not work, again the same inscription appears.

Plus, I can’t select the option to remove the program in the control panel, because it doesn’t open, nothing happens when I click it.

From the information that I dug up, it is mainly indicated that the bit depth of Windows does not match. But she is win 10 by 64 and all these programs have recently worked fine for her. I couldn't resolve the issue with running as administrator either.

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Drno, 2022-04-07

virus - check by downloading dr web cureit
corrupted system files - check by running the console as admin and typing - sfc /scannow

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