damir_tok2022-03-14 10:05:31
damir_tok, 2022-03-14 10:05:31

Someone has already tested the apple m1 with two additional. monitors?

I want to completely transfer from PC to MacBook before moving.
I bought a macbook on m1, but it turns out 2 extra. The monitor can only be connected using displaylink.
I’ll buy an adapter, but before that I want to hear from those who have already done this) Is

everything working? Will there be a macbook with two extra. monitors to work much more slowly than with one additional monitor?

Ps: i have macbook air m1 8gb

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Oleg, 2022-03-14

There was a similar question this year. More than one external monitor is supported only by firmware.
click here and read

Drno, 2022-03-14

This is a poppy ... if it is stated that 2 moniks work, then everything is ok)

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