Nazar Mokrinsky2012-11-10 16:18:13
Nazar Mokrinsky, 2012-11-10 16:18:13

Software RAID 0 SSD?

I'll make a reservation right away that I do not have much competence in this matter, which is why I'm asking.
There are plans to buy a new 240 GB SSD, but I thought about whether to take 2x120 GB and make RAID 0. But the problem is that TRIM does not work in this mode (I have AMD), and there will be a significant speed degradation over time.
So I thought, but will it also not work in software RAID TRIM?
All this will be launched under Ubuntu (which is in DOM0 Xen'a).

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vosi, 2012-11-10

in general, if in more detail
what you say AMD is dmraid, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRIM#RAID_issues - they write here that it forwards and supports trim
if you install mdadm - there is experimental support, but only offline, as far as I I understand, according to the schedule and you need to pick
something, I saw an article somewhere where they said that lvm is friends with trim
, so something slipped about this hard-to-pronounce FS, which still does not have a coin (beerteefes - somehow), that it he can do sparkling raids - it was originally, but they also say that he can do trims
now about sendforce2 there is a
lot of information that he doesn’t need trim, and in some cases even harmful
even despite the fact that on the NEO support forum vertex3 they told me that it’s better to turn on the trim - I don’t activate the trim enabler on my poppy, I don’t notice degradations, but the periodic multi-colored circle for no reason has disappeared

vosi, 2012-11-10

programmatically - it will work
and what you say AMD is a fake raid, perhaps it will also work
there is a durga nuance, 2nd sendforces do not need trim from the OS, they have their own garbage collector there (here there is some information discussions.apple .com/message/15649687#15649687 there about makos - but this is not the point)

YourChief, 2013-06-01

under Linux, I would recommend cutting off about a tenth of the disk from the disk so that the SSD always has free blocks. then you can write without thinking from the trim to any place.

hdparm --user-master u --security-set-pass NULL /dev/sdX

hdparm --user-master u --security-erase NULL /dev/sdX

hdparm -N p_sectors_ --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing /dev/sdX
where _sectors_ is the new disk size in sectors (total_sectors*0.9)

hard reset or power cycle (mandatory!)

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