Denis Arkhipov2016-05-18 17:37:43
Denis Arkhipov, 2016-05-18 17:37:43

Question about RAM in 4 slots.?

There were 2 dies of the same company, 2GB each with a frequency of 800. The computer has 4 slots of 2 colors. Were old 2 in the same color. Now I bought similar ones, 2GB each, with a frequency of 800, different but popular companies. Previously, the system showed 4GB of RAM, now 8, but it became wildly stupid. (Bioshock infinite turned on for 15-17 minutes, when as usual 1-2 minutes). I did not do any dances with a tambourine in the BIOS. What is the trouble and how is it fixed?

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Aleksandr, 2016-05-18

I can assume that these two "sets" differ in timings, or as an option - the number of microcircuits on the strips differs, or the execution is one-sided / two-sided (may affect the speed of polling memory banks).
There is only one way out - either adjust the timings through the BIOS (if there is such an opportunity ...), or replace all the memory with strips from one manufacturer (which is IMHO preferable - making a "vinaigrette" on the motherboard, this, monsieur, is a sign of a "bad" tone or encroachment towards poverty)... Different colors of the connectors show that the memory strips on this motherboard can work in channel mode!
PySy: Try to run pairs from one Manufacturer separately, sequentially on both pairs of memory connectors on the motherboard! It is impossible to exclude the possibility that one of the brackets or the memory connector on the motherboard fails ... It would also be nice to run MemTest! If there are errors, then go to the store with the test results, while the memory is under warranty.!

spotifi, 2016-05-18

Read the documentation for your mother. Very often it is required to put paired modules in well-defined slots.

Alexander ns3230, 2016-05-20

And you don't have Intel with ddr2 for an hour? If so, then their controllers are finicky. Different number and volume of cans, in-line or double-row bars, different timings - all this often leads to glitches or even a failure to work normally.

MaksimProger54, 2016-06-01

different colors - most likely these are two different DDRs. read motherboard documentation

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