Land-Maze2020-09-19 20:51:29
Land-Maze, 2020-09-19 20:51:29

PC freezes half way. What is the problem?

I recently bought a new processor and started testing.

Three days passed and a sharp defect appeared from which it was impossible to live. It appeared after I entered the game and loaded the PC with it (30-50 for all pieces of iron). After 5 seconds after the load, the sound freezes and after 1-2 seconds the picture freezes (when the sound of the FPS disappeared and the picture was smooth, like FrameTime). It is impossible to close the game with Alt + F4 and even through the task manager (Yes, you heard right, Windows works and Alt + Tab too), ALL exclusively ALL programs freeze, except windows, Windows animations are smooth and fast, but programs are HORRIBLE, some programs run jerkily.

I forgot to mention that in the task manager, the scrolling works, but the updates do not work (updates of the program and download statistics), and the last statistic is 100% CPU usage

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Vlad Nick, 2020-09-19

Personally, I had the same problems when I overclocked the CPU through the BIOS, I solved the problem by resetting the settings, you need to look at the CPU temperature, and as an option, the problem can be hidden in the OS (virus, etc.)

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