Miuniverso2017-03-09 14:33:20
Miuniverso, 2017-03-09 14:33:20

Is it difficult and effective to organize VPS for 1C courses?

Good afternoon everyone.
Tell me please.
I myself have not worked with this, so I would like to listen to experienced people.
The situation is as follows: a company that actively trains accounting people in its courses needs a 1C server.
Initially, it was supposed to buy several (about 10) computers (which will pull 1C, of ​​course) and a server. The amount is rather big. Question: is it difficult to organize a server for 1C on a VPS? And will it be cheaper?
At one time I personally used DigitalOcean and I really liked it. Simple, convenient, fast.
Who had the experience of transferring a 1C server to a VPS? What were the problems? Are there any recommendations before starting something like this?
Thank you very much in advance.
Have a nice day.

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Axian Ltd., 2017-03-09

Everything will be fine if there is enough power. The only thing with 1C licenses for virtualization is still a problem. We sent the iron key through the net.

Zubastik_1, 2017-03-09

VPS is definitely more profitable. For example, I don’t keep a cow in my apartment to drink milk, but I go to the store.

Konstantin, 2017-03-09

including What that on courses you will read, what configuration. Hardware requirements are different.
It will be interesting courses remote, ie. will study from home. And you need to issue 1C for training.
If everything happens in the audience, you will have to buy client seats. In this case, you can do without a server. Each student works locally with the database.
It is necessary to count. What is the load, according to the courses, their price. Possibility of use for other courses than 1C.

Puma Thailand, 2017-03-09

well, if not for a long time, then it will come out cheaper of course

dinegnet, 2017-03-11

1C on VPS/VDS yes, it works.
Although it requires a rather weak iron by the standards of VPS / VDS.
The matter is that the existing VPS/VDS in the majority are sharpened on *nix: Linux/FreeBSD.
Well, the tasks - the average web server is still not a particularly resource-consuming task.
And 1C fully works with Windows, which eats more resources on VPS / VDS. The 1C option on Linux, however, is also possible, but it still requires not as few resources as the average web server, but more.
That is, we are not talking about cheap VPS / VDS.
So it will not be cheaper - rent is always more expensive than your equipment. On this and earn those who provide for rent.
It is beneficial only when it comes to renting for a short time. Well, or it’s profitable because you don’t give money right away, but gradually, as you earn it. Let it be more in total, but it’s not so expensive for the pocket.
And technically, yes, it is possible.
I had to.
Of the problems - the response time from the server is somewhat annoying, since the server is very far away.
But at not so hasty work - it is quite tolerant.
As an option, you can consider the service "1C for rent".
There are very large companies (Rarus, for example) that provide such a service on a gigantic scale - so it turns out cheaper.
The service immediately includes both Windows licenses and 1C licenses. But these are licenses for rent, so they are cheaper for a short period of time than buying them.
Plus administration issues - not on you will lie. Which is also savings (I don’t think that you can afford a qualified specialist for 10 computers and it will be inexpensive for such a company).

Evgeny Lisin, 2019-02-10

I use this https://support.routerhosting.com/aff.php?aff=487 Server in the States for $8 per month. My 1c with a base of 1.5 Giga flies on it, while 6 people work simultaneously from different cities and countries. There are options and more powerful, but this is enough for me. In general, my experience is positive.

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