Denis Minimal2022-04-13 09:33:44
Denis Minimal, 2022-04-13 09:33:44

In sleep mode, the flash drive in the card reader is turned off. How to fix it?

After updating to Monterey, at night, when the laptop was in sleep mode, the flash drive that I always inserted into the card reader began to spontaneously turn off (eject). This did not happen on Big Sur. Now every morning I see a message that the flash drive was incorrectly removed. I understand that this was done to save energy, but I can’t get and insert the USB flash drive into the laptop every time (for technical reasons).

I didn't find anything in the settings that could be enabled/disabled.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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Nick Nois, 2022-04-14

Reinstall on big Sur, while this option is most likely a bug of the poppy itself.

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