k0r0g2021-04-18 20:29:02
k0r0g, 2021-04-18 20:29:02

How to wait for an event from the second form?

I need to get the date from the user. You need to do this in the middle of a function. Unfortunately, there is no such dialog in QInputDialog.
I created a second form and decided that I would call it.
I wrote something like this in the function

# вызывает форму
# ждёт, пока в поле формы появятся данные, затем прерывает ожидание
while True:
      if len(self.dialog.result) != 0:
# получаю введённые данные
data = self.dialog.result

But, unfortunately, the form appears all white, there is nothing on it.
What is the problem here? Maybe there is a smarter way to wait for input?

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m0nym, 2018-07-23

"Control Panel" / "Select Default Applications for File Types"
Must be set for .py - python.exe or pythonw.exe

Sergey Passat, 2018-07-23

under what you launch dear. (Linux, Windows, IOS, you can still click it on our Mac or Steve Jobs system) this dude is important and it’s also important under which Python code 2 or 3 is written, I’m not an arch-coco pro, but I also do Python (a little bit), or describe what this program should do, maybe the code is written for the specifics of the prog machine, or the interpreter doesn’t work for you, or the libraries don’t work (or they don’t exist in general) if he didn’t compile it into EXE, that is, there is little information from you for you people on the toaster helped more specifically, add more information in the question people will help you

Sergey Gornostaev, 2021-04-18

GUI events are handled by an infinite loop that starts when you call app.exec_()it. It cannot be stopped or the application will freeze, and the infinite loop does just that.

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