Dmitry2017-08-21 18:43:01
System administration
Dmitry, 2017-08-21 18:43:01

How to fix the error PG::ConnectionBad could not connect to server?

In order to deploy to Hiroku, I transferred my rails project to PG. Now, on the local machine, the browser gives the error
could not connect to server

, although everything works fine on Hiroku. I googled a lot about this error ... but understood little. Has anyone come across...

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Glinko, 2019-04-25

It is possible to hardcode the hasp key server address. For example, at localhost:1947, or in a configuration file.

vadimstroganov, 2017-08-21

On Heroku Postgres, that is. Do you have it on your local machine?

Dmitry, 2017-08-22

I read that I need to edit the pg_hba.conf file but I can’t do it ... it says that access is denied .... damn it, how to get around this?

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