Vladimir2020-10-09 21:19:29
Computer networks
Vladimir, 2020-10-09 21:19:29

How to change ip through a connected phone as a modem?

I want to connect the phone as a usb modem, either through a wire or via wi-fi.
On the phone, a SIM with a tariff is connected.
The task is such that you need to change ip, at least with your hands, at least somehow.
How to do it?

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Dimonchik, 2020-10-09

you can ask the administrator of the OPSOS to
reconnect in a minute, but due to optimizations you will have the same one, or different ones, but in the internal network of the operator, and outward - the same one,
so the proxy is only

mayton2019, 2020-10-10

Technically, you can't change the ip. You lease an IP from your ISP, which in turn leases a range of addresses from top level providers. But you can pay for and use multiple VPNs, and switch between them to create the illusion that you are changing the address.
The scheme with free proxies also works, but the speed through the proxy is rotten, and some services will simply lag and freeze for you.

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