Sergey Morozov2018-10-22 14:03:02
Sergey Morozov, 2018-10-22 14:03:02

How do search engines treat redirect links via js?

I am developing a review site for various online services.
There is a link to the site of each service from my site. According to the idea, from the point of view of the PF, this is good: for example, a person enters the query "company name + review"; goes to my site and reads reviews; then he sees a link to the site of this service from my site, follows it and there he already works with this service and does not return to the search.
But when developing the site, we made it so that the links are not direct, but through a js redirect. Doesn't the redirect kill this whole positive chain of actions that I described? Well, i.e. Search engines may consider that this is not a normal site transition, but something else.
ps I wrote in the title "how Google treats ..." I meant both search engines, including Yandex.

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Evgeny Yudin, 2018-10-22

Don't worry, both Google and Yandex have recently been able to easily recognize links through JS redirects.

DrunkMaster, 2018-10-22

Why so difficult? You could just close links to sites in noindex

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