Acidburn82022-02-23 19:05:15
Acidburn8, 2022-02-23 19:05:15

Does FileVault macbook pro 2017+ T1 slow down?

If you turn off FileVault data encryption, will it add speed to your work?
Or does T1 take all the load?

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Andrey Barbolin, 2022-02-23

If you have enabled encryption, then you can no longer turn it off. Turning it off simply erases the password for the keystore, while encryption still works. Only reinstalling the system will help here. In theory, encryption should affect the speed of the PC. this is handled by the CPU, but in practice, apple uses encryption algorithms that have hardware support in the processor, which practically reduces the load on the processor to zero.
T1 chip was installed in apple watch and in macbooks with touch bar, it does not encrypt.

Drno, 2022-02-23

Of course it does, but there is a hardware stray, so it doesn’t really load

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