vincentwehappyyy2022-03-31 17:18:30
vincentwehappyyy, 2022-03-31 17:18:30

Disable bios in bios on lenovo ideapad 3?

When setting up the BIOS, I screwed up and turned off the initial screen saver (where you could enter the BIOS through F2, DEL, etc.). Now it is not possible to start the BIOS, the system starts immediately. Is it possible to solve this issue without disassembling the device?

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Drno, 2022-03-31

Yes, this cannot be ...
the maximum you can disable \ enable the screensaver there
, press F2 as well or whatever you pressed when you turned it on

Roman Bezrukov, 2022-03-31

repeatedly pressing F2 on power on/reboot (this is the official way described by Lenovo - tested on IdeaPad 5 Pro)

Dmitry, 2022-04-01

Lenovo has a separate start button (small, either near the main one or on the side, the icon looks like a worm). If you press it with a paperclip, then when loading, a selection menu will appear in the upper left corner.

Yan, 2022-04-01

Well, then try to spam fn+f2, or just f2, f10(fn+f10, f12 (fn+f12)
Well, when you get bored
, boot into the system (I hope you have 10)
options> recovery> special boot options> restart now> additional parameters> UEFI firmware parameters, the
system will immediately reboot into uefi
, and no one canceled trying to google
directly the first link

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