budyakov2011-01-09 16:15:21
budyakov, 2011-01-09 16:15:21

API for accepting payments from credit cards?

Are there banks in the Russian Federation that provide an API for accepting payments from credit cards? This should be exactly the API, and not a transition to the bank page for payment. Data entry must be carried out on the page of my site (application)

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reality, 2011-01-09

It is necessary to look in the direction of registering your company and opening a merchant, otherwise, as far as I know, nothing. Including a merchant account can be opened in the Russian bank.
You can refer to the recently "famous" ChronoPay company) www.chronopay.com/en/reference/Small-Medium-Business.FAQ.Work-Questions

budyakov, 2011-01-09

LLC under the project is planned, of course. Thanks for the link. What's wrong with chrono?

budyakov, 2011-01-09

At the initial stage, most payments are expected from Russia in rubles, so I'm looking towards a local bank. A little later, PayPal is planned, and, probably, an account in a foreign bank.

Fafnir, 2011-01-10

If you want a bank, then look towards Raiffeisen, many “aggregators” use their API. I write as a person who made such systems. I also heard about Ocean Bank, but I can't vouch for them. If you want a foreign solution, there is a service from Amazon (US only) and Plimus . Good luck in your endeavors!

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