Oleg Petrov2018-11-24 15:57:29
Oleg Petrov, 2018-11-24 15:57:29

API call - is it a call to each API method or a call to the API itself?

I'm reading the documentation and I can't figure it out

You are advised to persist/cache the auth cookie details to avoid logging in every time you make an api call. It’s also advisable to cache the client details such as user agent, etc together with the auth details.
The saved auth cookie can be reused for up to 90 days."

For example, my API logs in to Instagram and then actions are taken.
At the same time, the API Call occurs once upon login, or every time each time the action specified in the documentation is called?
Does this mean that if, for example, I do not cache login / pass, then, conditionally, every time I upload a photo, I am authorized by login and password?

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Fixid, 2018-11-24

Usually one get/post = 1 call

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