BusterX2020-08-22 10:58:55
BusterX, 2020-08-22 10:58:55

apcupsd utility not displaying all options?

APCUPSd 3.14.14 (built from source)

5 UPSs are connected to the server via native USB cables, all APC SMART 3000, but two different generations (3 - SMT3000RMI2UNC, 2 - SUA3000RMI2U). For each UPS, a separate daemon is launched with a specific config (only the name of the UPS and the pointer to the device port differ). So, when polling UPSs, something incomprehensible happens ... For two completely identical UPSs of the same generation, the set of parameters obtained during the poll is different. With one UPS, indicators of input voltage, current load, output voltage are available, but for some reason not for the other. As a result, with two UPSs (of different generations), I get the full set of parameters, and with the remaining three - the minimum. The strangest thing is that a complete set of parameters was collected from one UPS, and after rebooting the system, the minimum set suddenly began to be collected.

P.S. I tried to watch telemetry using PowerChute Business Edition, all 5 UPSs give a full set of parameters.
P.P.S. I tried to switch to different ports, swap the laces ... it did not help.

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