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Apache HTTP Server
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Apache x64 - advantages/disadvantages of the 64-bit version?

There was a similar question, voiced in the title, when I came across the site apachelounge.com (recommended by php.net) on the 64-bit version of Apache. What are the advantages or disadvantages over the 32-bit version of Apache. Do I need to attach components like PHP, MySQL of the same bit depth (i.e. 64-bit), or will 32-bit ones work as well? I searched the Internet for an answer, but did not find anything sane. Or is it better not to bother at all, and use the proven 32-bit version?
Target: local server
System: Windows 7 - x64

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zapimir, 2011-11-14

If you install Apache x64, then you need to install php x64 (since it is usually installed as an Apache module), as for MySQL, it doesn’t make much difference (I prefer to install x64, native to the OS).
In php there is a specificity regarding the incompatibility of some functions in 32 and 64 bit versions (primarily due to the fact that in the first case signed int32 in the second case signed int64 is used for numbers).
For example, the functions crc32, ip2long, etc. give different results. In general, there are funny glitches.
For a localhost, you can generally use one of the assemblies, such as VertigoServ, XAMPP, EasyPHP, etc.

shadowalone, 2011-11-14

Why do you need Apache on Windows? unless for development, you won’t let it go into production.
In your case, there is no difference, but in general, on an x64 system, accordingly, you need to install x64 applications, the only exception is the lack of x64 versions.

@ngreduce, 2011-11-14

You can definitely install any MySQL - it communicates with the outside world through sockets.

admin4eg, 2011-11-15

for localhost why all this trouble?
I don't see the point in even thinking about it.

Naeel Maqsudov, 2014-04-14

Go to windows.php.net/download and see "VC11 x64 Non Thread Safe (2014-Apr-09 22:29:01) Note: x64 builds are currently experimental".
I tried to raise moodle on Apache+PHP x64. It installed but didn't work. Demolished, rearranged to x86 - everything went right away. You don’t understand the true reasons, but definitely not all functions in PHP immediately become operational if you take yes and install x64 instead of x86 of the same PHP release.
For Apache, I don't see any difference.

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